Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Real Estate Details in Mangalore

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Mangalore International Airport.

Mangalore International Airport (IATA: IXE, ICAO: VOML) (formerly Bajpe Airport) is the domestic and international airport serving the costal region.
There are daily flights by Middle Eastern carriers to Abudhabi, Doha, Dubai, Muscut, Kuwait etc
There are 16 daily domestic flights to Bangalore, Mumbai Goa and Trivandrum.

How to apply for a job in Infosys Mangalore

Mangalore Infosys is looking for candidates with 2 years and more experience in software industry. Please send the resume with your date of birth, percentages of marks in 10th, 12th and degree to

Mark the subject as "For Mangalore Development Center"

Why Should I relocate to Mangalore?

Low rentals – almost 50% less compared to Bangalore/Hyderabad/Chennai.
Small city with the amenities of a big city:

—Shopping complexes / malls with major international brands.
—Multiplex, movie theaters, discotheques, pubs, multi-cuisine restaurants
Weekend getaways
—Unspoilt beaches, parks, trekking sites, historical monuments, temples, churches
Multicultural people of varied backgrounds Friendly local people:
–No language barrier: Knowledge of Hindi and English among local people
Highly entrepreneurial culture with solid foundation in hospitality, banking, education and healthcare industry
One of the few districts to have 100 % literacy
Low crime rate in comparison with other cities
No known history of Natural Disasters

Mangalore's location makes it accessible by all forms of transport: road, rail, air and sea
Excellent Education and Health care facilities
Work-Life Balance, no traffic jams, no pollution
Can spend quality time with family
many more............

My First Experiences in Mangalore - Mukul Joshi

As I got off the plane at the Mangalore airport I was reminded of Goa airport: small, cozy and peaceful. I wondered if life also will be same as in Goa: full of fun, lots of work and loads of spare time for self and family. As I started the journey towards city I forgot about these thoughts. The weather was humid and sultry ala Mumbai but the landscape was serene and calm, with lush greenery covering the hillocks and spread over till one could see..

The drive down (Yes! The airport is on a hillock and 25 minutes away from the city) from the airport to the city was akin to coming back from a vacation at hilly regions in Maharashtra (Mahabaleshwar/Matheran). I was very pleased with the first impression of this small city.

Next few days I spent around the city, exploring its locales and the important roads. I saw many up-market shops filled with all branded clothes and other accessories, two malls and two pubs! Not a bad start, I thought. As the city grows these entertainers will also grow in number as well as their structure!

It’s more than a month now that I am here, and I feel one among these local-ites. They seem to be friendly, warm, hospitable and ‘considerate’. When they hear ‘my company name’ their expectations are high and it is difficult to bring them down to normalcy whether it is renting a flat or traveling in a rickshaw. However, these are givens of some facts of life! The best advantage for me in this city is the short distances to travel and self managed transportation. I can find the money for a car and not crib about the hike in petrol prices (though diesel or CNG options are more reasonable and cost-effective)! After 4 Saturdays and Sundays, I have realized there is more to explore in this city and nearby places. I am waiting for some extended weekends so that I can hike a ride to nearby Munnar or Kurg and just relax! Never thought while in Mumbai I could afford such luxury, Mangalore makes this need a sumptuous reality! I’m loving it in Mangalore!

Mukul Joshi from Mumbai works as a Consultant in an Indian Multinational based out of Mangalore. He can be reached at

Infosys @ Mangalore.

Vibrant, nurturing & unswerving in its pursuit for excellence, mInfosys (Mangalore Infosys) has been aptly named the ‘Happening DC’. Amidst much festivity mInfosys was recently ushered into 12 years of existence. The event marked the celebration of a legendary DC culture characterized by a passion for people, participative decision making, quality focus and above all formidable excellence in delivery.

Infosys in Mangalore operate from 2 Development Centers:

Mangala: Was the first Development Center of Infosys to be started outside Bangalore. Located at Kottara with more than 2200 employees.

Nethra: New Development Center (Special Economic Zone): Sprawling campus in 311 acre scenic location. In its full capacity can accommodate 25000 employees.

2 software development blocks with 1600 capacity each. 1700 seat food court, 500 room Employee Care Center, Recreation center with the facilities like Gymnasium, Aerobics, Steam, Swimming Pool, Medical center, Table Tennis, Snooker etc